Yoga Is The Natural Medicines To Both Insomnia And High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Did you know that you can reduce effects that are associated with insomnia and high blood pressure? It’s true but let’s have a look at what insomnia and high blood pressure means. High blood pressure is basically a disorder that is caused by excessive pumping action of the heart. In some case, high blood pressure could cause extensive damage to tissues as well as your arteries and veins. When blood is forced excessively through the blood vessels, they may cause bursting of cells and tissue damage in general. On the other hand, insomnia is basically the lack of sleep or difficulties maintaining sleep. Although 80% of those affected are the elderly who have attained the age 65 and above, it is also evident among the younger generation.

How Yoga does relieves high blood pressure?

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves light but extensive movements and positions. It is made of push-ups, waist swings and leg twists among other moves. With that idea in mind, it is very important to be aware of how yoga works as far as reducing issues related to high blood pressure is concerned. But first, how high is to high for blood pressure? For a normal human being, the right blood pressure should be at 120/80 Hg. However, when it rises above this level, then the sicknesses associated with HBP starts to set in. Yoga can prevent blood pressure through a number of ways.

First,  a good blood pressure becomes normal when you maintain the right weight. How can we maintain the right weight then? The secret maintaining the right weight is found by engaging in regular yoga exercises. Whenever you do yoga at least once a day, you will be burning your body fats and sugars accumulated in various parts of your body. Burning the excess calories that could otherwise have been converted into fats and deposited on the surface of the vital organs, can be done regular and aggressive yoga. Your weight is very important as far as checking your blood pressure is concerned.

Secondly, yoga helps your blood pressure as far as vasodilation is concerned. Vasodilation is basically the expansion of blood vessels which carries blood from the heart and from other parts to the heart. Whenever our blood vessels are wide enough, you will realize that your heart does not strain to push blood to other parts of the body. That means that you will have prevented the blood pressure from rising. Yoga, therefore is a source of exercise that will help as far as the need for vasodilation of the heart is concerned.

How yoga does prevents insomnia?

Whenever you exercise and do a lot of yoga moves, you will experience tiredness and the next thing that you will feel is a sleep sensation. That is the answer to how yoga helps you sleep and maintain a sound sleep.

Secondly, you need to exercise for the whole week just to make sure that you are tired enough to gain a lot of sleep. It is the perfect exercise to perform indoors or outdoors. Yoga can therefore help you get tired and sleep soundly just a small baby.

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