Guided Meditation Scripts Will Help You Achieve Happiness Within

We are continually being bombarded with information that distracts our attention and causes our minds to sway between past mistakes and future concerns. Day-to-day distractions, mortgage payments, children’s education, and even the country’s political scene, manage to capture our full attention, create discomfort, and drain our energy. Studies show that a regular practice of meditation not only helps us to be more present and focused, but it can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress significantly. And a great way to get started with meditation is through guided meditation texts.

How to do the guided meditation practice? Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Follow the rhythm of your breath.
  • Allow your mind to move freely.
  • Finally, open your eyes and slowly come back.
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation



Guided meditation to train mindfulness on breathing.

Breathing has multiple benefits. It connects us with the body, calms the mind, and brings us peace and well-being. I recommend doing this meditation daily. However, as you practice, your attention will gain muscle, and you will be able to keep your mind fixed for a longer time on the object of attention – for example, the breath. From here, you will be in a better disposition to continue moving forward with somewhat longer meditations, guided visualizations, or whatever suits you best.


Having a Good Meditation Script is Key to Recording a Successful Guided Meditation. You can use them as it suits you to read them aloud or record them with your voice. You will see that they are simple meditations to follow and of short duration, of about 5 minutes each. To start meditating, all you have to do is read the meditation text carefully and follow the guidelines. Of course, you will notice that your attention is distracted from time to time, and thoughts out of context come to you. It is expected, the mind is not an accessible faculty to master, as you will see from the first moment.


The practice of meditation consists of keeping your attention focused on a single object, such as the air entering and leaving the nose. To do this, when a thought comes to you, a good trick is to identify it, and then observe it as if it were a passing cloud and let it go. Without realizing it, thousands of thoughts pass through your mind every day. They are thoughts of all kinds; some of them remember an event from the past, some look to solve a problem in the future, others judge – either positively or negatively – some situation or person. For example, when you sit down to meditate, you may have thoughts like: my legs are bothering me -or- What am I going to have for dinner today? -or- at work, I should have done that? These are all thoughts. As your mission will be to have your attention focused on your breath, you will see it when an idea comes to you.

Right now, try to hold on to it or fight it. Just gently and gently let it go and return your attention to the breath.



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