Explore The Unknowable When You Meditate

When you meditate your mind is 100% free. When you are with a free mind you are free from everything or in other words you are unattached. When you are unattached you are free from all those concepts in the midst of which you have been living. Those concepts made you attached as well as reactive. When you free your mind from those concepts you feel detached and when you are detached you become nonreactive. Only the person who is attached to something will have the tendency to react. We live in a world of conceptual reality. But, what is conceptual reality? Anything and everything that we experience in this worldly life is based on concepts. Concepts are simply the ideas that form in our mind and the formation of ideas occur when we get familiar with something and we develop the habits. We start talking about the conceptual reality for which we use the language. When we give a particular name to a particular object it is only a concept. The concept strikes our mind when we see the object and we use language to express the concept. All these occur when our mind is attached. When your mind is free and not attached you will not bother about the object which is in front of you and no concept strikes your mind.

The experience of not-knowing

When your mind is completely free of concepts you experience pure perception which is undifferentiated. In such a state of mind you are not aware of differences. When you do not know anything about the things around you automatically you become unaware of their differences also. When you do not know anything your mind becomes empty. However, emptiness is also a concept. When you come to know about something you will be influenced by concepts. So, if you want to experience the world which is free of concepts, you should practice not-knowing. Your experience of not-knowing must sustain and you need a prolonged experience of not-knowing so as to be free of concepts.

The ultimate de-conceptualizing experience

When you are able to de-conceptualize your sense of self during meditation, you can have the amazing experience of de-conceptualizing. When you experience de-conceptualizing, you will realize that not only the objects around you but you yourself are also conceptualized perceptions only. You think yourself as a particular person and that perception should not be there any more as a result of meditation. We develop the sense of self with the help of ideas, emotions, memories and sensations. This you realize when you meditate continuously and get rid of the perception that you are the person that you think you are. When you go on experiencing de-conceptualizing you will gradually get rid of separate sensations. Then you start to experience true and pure awareness. At that stage you will not experience anything in spite of the fact that you are there only. Though you exist you will not recognize yourself. Only the awareness will be there with no separate entity. Simply you are there, but you know nothing and you do nothing. Of course, your mind will have the temptation to conceptualize and know about the surrounding. But, if you are able to strictly control your mind and refrain from conceptualizing, you will be able to attain abidance in the unknown and then the possibilities in front of you will be unimaginable.


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