Go Beyond What You Think is Possible

Practically everything that we see around us is distinct and everything has its characteristic properties. We create a structure for us to live inside safely because that structure is familiar to us. We are under the impression that what we see is what is real. But there are many things that are not readily seen and we should be able to explain what they are. Spirituality removes all the limitations and provides a unified view of everything that are there around us. Spirituality binds everything together. Spirituality teaches us that everything that is within Creation is interconnected to all other things. During our spiritual journey we come across with many things that are greater than ourselves. When we improve our inner knowledge we start to welcome changes and we start to believe that it is possible to bring the changes. This shows that spirituality has activated our mind and as a result we resort to deep thinking. As a result of deep thinking we start to make new inventions. These inventions make many things that we believed impossible all these days as possible. Spirituality can emerge from within us and spirituality make the subconscious a source of inspiration, creativity, inner knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Within the subconscious the reality will expand and will create a multi-dimensional matrix which is more flexible than which is perceived by the conscious mind. When we start spending our time creatively within the subconscious realm, we get released from the confines of our thinking.

Access your inner wisdom through meditation

Specific meditation method are there which will help you to manage your mind penetrate into the bottom recesses of your mind so as to access the inner wisdom. During this type of meditation there should be absolutely no disturbance. This type of closed eyed meditation will enable you to keep away the external stimuli so as to go within deeper and deeper. During this meditation you will be receiving voices in your head. It will be about what you were doing a few days back, and various incidents of your life in the past will be trying to grab your attention. You should ignore all such intrusions and gently ask them to stop. Ultimately those voices will become quieter and will finally go silent. Now, it is the time for you to forget about them and commence your new journey. From that moment you will see a new world in front of you and you start listening to the sounds that come from the new world around you. You will start exploring the new world around you. You will be searching for the answers to your many questions. You take your own time and go wherever you want. You must notice the images, sounds and impressions that you come across. Identify this place as the place of your creative self. You have reached the place of your inner knowing and all your wisdom is here only.

Outside your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is the place where you feel comfortable and secure. So long as you are in the comfort zone there is nothing new for you to learn and no new skills to acquire. Though you feel comfortable and secure there you find it miserable also because you are eager to go beyond the confines of the comfort zone and make the things there also parts of your life. These things really matter because you crave for much more in your life. You never like to be one among those who regret that they could have done many new things but didn’t try and remained within the comfort zone.


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