How To Create A Perfect Winding Down Routine For A Night’s Sleep?

If you are struggling with insomnia every night, and you complain that your brain refuses to stop it is time that you do something about it. Sleep comes when the brain does not think about pressing or even mundane things – such as the daily tasks that have to be completed. If you are keen on some nice shut-eye, it is a good idea that you create a perfect winding routine for a good sleep during the night. Here are some ways to enjoy a perfect sleep during the night.

Dim your lights

An hour prior to bedtime, you need to dim your lights. This can help wind down your body and the brain. Try to indulge in calming activities outside your bedroom, so as to quietly pass your time.

Do not look at electronic screens

You need to avoid looking at things having a screen – such as your TV, computer, phone, tablet etc. This is because the light radiating from these screens can keep you alert and awake, and prevent you from falling asleep. You can face a hard time relaxing your brain and waste precious sleep hours. It is a good idea to avoid staring at electronic screens a good 2 – 3 hours before sleep time.

Start a mindfulness exercise

You should indulge in a focused mindfulness exercise 10 minutes prior to your bed time. Sit comfortably in a chair in the same room, with the lights lit dimly. Imagine your body’s outline and trace it gradually in your head. Try to feel how much pressure your body is sensing against the ground or the chair. Try to be mindful of when you feel more pressure, and when there is less pressure. Begin sensing this with your head. Do you find it touching your chair’s back? Does it feel heavy against the wall, chair etc or simply the air? Gradually move down to the ears, neck, shoulder, arms, stomach and legs. Move down to the feet and go back to your body’s other side. Invest 5 minutes into this workout. Focus, Focus and Focus! In case you feel that your mind starts wandering, note that it wandered and get it back on the track. Try not to judge yourself. Your mind will wander indeed. The idea is to get it back on the track.

Watch your breath

Before you sleep, get into the bed and concentrate on your breath. If you cannot get asleep, get up and sit again in the chair. Repeat the mindfulness exercise again. Do not get back into the bed until you feel sleepy. But do not sleep in the chair itself.

Pour some relaxing oil

A good tip is to pour a few drops of chamomile or lavender oil into your bed sheet and pillow cover. These are relaxing oils that calm the nerves, soothe the senses and relax the mind. You can be more at ease with yourself, and be spared of all those anxious thoughts that plague your mind throughout the day.


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