Mindful Journal: The Best Way To An Improved Headspace

Mindfulness involves paying attention to details when doing a particular thing. A very powerful tool to consider if you want to be mindful is to have a paper and pen to enable you to keep details of everything.

The continuous act of writing notes to yourself in a paper, journal, or notebook has both a present appeal and rich history.

It is believed that writing serves to enhance your mindfulness of the things of life.  It can also shift your consciousness of things happening around you.

If you want to start mindful journaling, be assured that it is not expensive, and it makes you conscious of your thoughts because it involves creativity.

However, creativity can strengthen the practice to be mindful as this will involve you writing every observation into a journal, paper or notebook.

With this, you will begin to pay attention to a lot of things since you have the intention of journaling each event as they unfold.

Journaling isn’t only about writing or putting words on paper, it involves both visual journals which have sketches or any other form of art. In fact, journaling is an expression of yourself.

There are several reasons in which you can take up mindful journaling. However, you should also have in mind that you do not need any special notebook to begin. You can start-up with whatever writing material you have available,

  1. Writing to boost your level of wellness

When you begin to practice mindful journaling, you find yourself beginning to have a feeling of wellness at all times and not only during your meditations.

Expressive writings can bring a host of mental and emotional health assistance. On several occasions it has been said that journaling can reduce stress, it can help you to flatten out your most tough feelings and help you to be appreciative.

Studies have it that the most effective way to help you deal with anxious thoughts, improve markers of immune health and blood pressures is by writing thoughts out on a paper.

You may wonder how these benefits can come about, it has been revealed that the act of writing takes facts which is weakly observe and concretize by putting them into writing on a paper.

So it entails that they will now be formed in a language that can be easily seen and understood.

With this, the experience on paper will have fewer emotions than when it was still in the head.

  • Journaling to enhance self-love

If you practice mindful journaling, you will be given the chance to love yourself and let go of guilt. You will be able to explore all you see, feel, and who you are.

Mindful journaling will give you the chance to show up for your emotions and hang out withthem without dying in guilt or thoughts about what is going on around you.

  • Live by your journal

It is good you try to set out a particular period for journaling, it can be a daily or weekly period to write the things you have observe or see during your daily activities.

This will make you form the habit of journaling, therefore making you develop your habit of mindful journaling practice.

There are various notebook patterns to help you achieve or cultivate the particular experience you intend to journal.


One of the best ways to live a life that is free of worries or being overwhelmed by the happenings around you is to have a mindful journal.

For this reason, a pen and paper can achieve your dreams of mindful journaling by putting down things about yourself as they unfold.

And doing this will help you to clear your mental space as well as shed off burdens and worries that arise from the accumulation depressive thoughts in your head.

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