Meditation Can Help Calm Corona Anxiety

The level of fear and anxiety caused by the effect of the current Covid-19 pandemic is alarming. Lockdown results in most people staying at home with anxiety, and fear about the unknown.

As the pandemic continues, businesses are retrenching due to the shutdown of activities and recurring losses. This results in an increased mental health challenge. Studies show that anxiety among older generations is at an increase.

The anxiety caused by this pandemic has a possibility of deteriorating to depression without any mental health booster. Fortunately, meditation practice can help in checking the anxiety caused by the effect of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Mindfulness meditation practice deals with paying attention to the present moment without allowing circumstances around to interfere.

Studies show that there are mental and physical benefits of meditation practice. Some of the benefits are a reduction in anxiety, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. 

Meditation practice boosts the immune system and ameliorates stress. As we all know, people isolate themselves. Some are forced to stay at home longer than normal, resulting in anxiety and mental stress.

How Meditation Calms Corona Anxiety

Different neuroscience findings show that meditation can help us monitor our emotions by focusing on positive things.

Moreover, through mindfulness-based meditation, we can prevent worrying about the uncertainties of the future and focus on the present.

The brain becomes aware of the moment when you take a time to meditate. The prefrontal cortex comes back to normal functioning and makes you feel calm.

With a pause, perceive, and naming technique, the brain is able to look at the event of the moment.

During meditation, the brain is trained to remain focused on certain things. The effect of fear, anxiety, and sense of danger can be handled successfully when the mind is focused on the positive things of the moment.

As stated by Dr. Denninger, the director of research, Benson-Henry Institute, meditation enables you to shun the negative sensations of anxiety and stress. This explains partially the reason stress levels fall during meditation.

Though meditation does not take away the negative thinking, it helps one to understand them and respond appropriately to them. It helps the brain to prepare for any stressful situation like the coronavirus pandemic.

There is relative calm each time mindfulness meditation is practiced. With continuous practice, the brain can be trained to focus on positive things instead of the anxiety and fears that come with the pandemic.

Mindfulness-based Meditation improves attention and psychological well-being of the individual. It increases the awareness of the mind that helps in fighting anxiety through the “me center” region of the brain.


Research has shown that Mindfulness-based meditation helps in reducing anxiety.

This by extension reduces the anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As the world is battling with this virus, it’s important to keep your mind healthy through mindfulness-based meditation.

It trains the brain to cope with the effect of the pandemic and focus on the positive things of the moment instead of worrying about the uncertainties of the future.

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