Mindfulness Practices To Help You During Self Quarantine

The world is facing a crisis and in this situation it is obvious that all of us are tensed. Home Quarantine, social distancing are the keywords now. You need to stay home for most of the time and make sure that look out for any symptoms! Under such circumstances stress is must and to overcome it you need to try mindfulness that will help you fight with anxiety and panic that is created by the latest pandemic.

Due to the crisis it is difficult to get access to any healthcare professional, thus you need to stay fit mentally first. So, the focus must be shifted to mental health and here are certain ways by which you can stay strong, mentally of course!

Try Meditation and mindfulness apps

Meditation is always helpful and along with that tries the mindfulness apps. There are a lot of them that can be of great help during this period. While some of them will charge you others are free. You can even try those which can be upgraded later. Depending upon your financial situation choose the right one after doing some research.

Super zen calming YouTube videos

Self-quarantine is the period when you need to stay calm and the super Zen calming videos are surely of great help. Once you start looking for them online you will find that there are so many of them that just by watching them one by one your self-quarantine period will be over. Listen to the speakers and try to put the same in your life. Things will become calmer and soothing.

Different Mindfulness activities for staying calm

There are different mindfulness exercises that can be carried on by you anywhere, yes, you can try them anywhere and stay cool. One of the most common one is listening to music, however while you listen to one do not start making judgments. It won’t help! Jut pay attention to the music and you will feel better. Or you may sit comfortably and scan your body parts. The idea is to concentrate on something that is not much important and keep your brain busy.

Bring out your creative self

Art and crafts have their own magic potential to support you mentally! Simple things like making a hand painting or doing a stich that makes you busy can help you stay busy. When you are working at that moment you will not be worrying about anything around you and that helps! While these may seem simple but being creative is always a best way to practice mindfulness and stay calm.

Spend time with pets

There are several research done that suggest that when you are with a pet animal you feel relaxed. Animals have the power to reduce your stress level and of course stay mindful. If you have pet then spend time with, take photos, and share them with your friends. What if you do not have a pet? Don’t worries, YouTube have a lot of videos on them. Just look out for the animal you love most and you will find that things are really changing amidst this pandemic.


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