Compassion, Concentration, And Mindfulness: The Inextricable Products Of Meditation

Meditation works so well because it enhances the life skills that you have already.On the other hand, practicing meditation may not involve you acquiring some new set of tools.

Meditation is directed helpfully in our daily activities, and if you get to any point where stress seems overwhelming, meditationcan serve as a relief.

If you pursue meditation, it allows you the opportunity tolook for a sense of abundance, depth and also gives you the ability to link to the things of life.

There are basic practical tools that helps you to developand  deepen your meditation skills, and they are; concentration, mindfulness, and compassion.

  1. Compassion

Our attention is open by compassion, this will make it more inclusive and thereby transform the way you view the world and yourself.

The transformation will begin by you being kind to yourself. By the time you begin with yourself, then these qualities of compassion and kindness will deepen, then it can be spread to others.

Kindness and compassion are skills you develop and not that you have to force yourself to feel or maybe pretend to feel something that is not there.

  • Concentration

This will help you to be steady and focus your attention on letting go of the distractions you have about your past.

Distractions are energy wasters while concentration restores energy. Distractions in several ways propel you into becoming anxious about the future, which we do not know anything about.

With this, you tend to worry more about the things you can’t even solve on your own or have an idea of handling them. To avoid your mind from spinning off into the future, you need concentration at all points.

Concentration, however, is the act of gathering all the energy, attention focus on a thing. Have it in mind that it can’t be forced, it is you allowing your mind to settle on the things happening in the present.

  • Mindfulness

When the word mindfulness is used, it simply means you refining your attention so that you will be able to connect fully and directly to whatever life throws at you.

In most cases, fears and desires distort our perceptions of things happening around us, but being mindful will help you become more aware of the things you should not allow.

Mindfulness mostly doesn’t depend on the things happening but it is based on your ability to relate to the things happening around you.

Because of this, we can say mindfulness can help you go places. Infact,  you can also be mindful of a lot of things such as sorrow or joy, pain or pleasure.

However, this doesn’t mean that things become flattened out, rather it means that your old and habitual ways of relating to things and events will no longer be there if you become mindful of the immediate happenings.


Meditation is a practice that is meant not just to help you become a good meditator, but to help you have a different view about life.

If you start mediation, it will develop your ability to concentrate, be mindful,and compassionate.

Also, you will discover that life will feel less stressful and you will enjoy everything life throws at you per time.

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