What is Karma? Know the Theory

Karma stands for action, with each having its own consequences. One effective way to create future karma consequences is to make choices with a conscious mind. Karma helps to build future and also regarded to be an echo of the past. Imagination, desire & memory are few of the things through which our souls get conditioned by karma. There are many who are found to be its prisoners, since it produces predictable outcomes by becoming conditioned reflex.

About Karma

Any activity undertaken bears two fruits, namely, main & subordinate fruit. In a sports game, for example, we derive physical benefits, which can be regarded as the main fruit, while wining is subordinate fruit. Main fruit does not get wasted even if we lose. Physical fitness is enjoyed by both loser & winner. Ability to enjoy life, harmony and peace of mind is considered to be the main fruit to discharge our duties properly. Also, we need to be independent of pleasure, something we do not possess. On the other hand subordinate fruits are fame, name, rank, position & wealth.

Karmic Law – Causes & effects

God provides us with the main fruit, which is to be contended & happy, although things may not be derived in ample measures. According to karm-phala theory, better results can be gained only for good work done. We get into trouble if become selfish and focus only on earning power, position & money.

Law of Karma

Major events that occur in our lives are all countable like with whom we get married, family born into, etc. We tend to create a new account or settle an old one while engaging in our day to day interactions. If in the current birth, you fail to settle an account, then it is likely to be carried forwards in the next birth. We do not exactly know what karmic give & take accounts have been accumulated by our previous births. Hence, karma loops over again & again and we tend to remain within it.

Karma & Time

No person will be able to escape his consequences from the actions undertaken. However, he is likely to suffer if he has created such an unwanted situation. He/she cannot make an excuse of being ignorant to the law, be it universal or man-made. Rather, everyone is subjected to Law of Karma. Every positive deed helps generate ‘merit’. On the other hand, negative deeds invite ‘demerits’.

Karmic Account

It is quite common for friends to become enemies & vice versa. So stay cantered & maintain your balance. We try to be aware of the happenings around us or judge as well as divide everything negatively & positively. We can get close to our own being by generating less karma. This is possible with greater awareness. This in turn awakens our pure Atman.

Tips to maintain Karmic Accounts

There does exist a reason for people in your life to be placed strategically. You do have the freedom to remain with any person or move away from him/her. But karma tends to overpower your freedom. Hence, in spite of putting all efforts, karmic relationships is likely to take its own course.

Therefore, the much sooner you are likely to acknowledge karma and its related truth shared with someone, the much faster you are likely to settle it.



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