The Importance Of Good Sleep

Much has been said about how important it is to have a good sleep. Proper sleep helps us keep healthy and active. If you sleep better you are more alert during the waking hours. They are inversely proportional. Let us see how it works.

Sleepiness And Alertness

When you wake up from your sleep in the morning you are very alert. If you have had good sleep at night, you will surely realize that your wakeful hours are more active and alert. As the day progresses to the evening, you are less active and alert. This is because you are feeling sleepier. When you feel sleepier you will know that your alertness has come down drastically. That is why you need to sleep well at night so that you can be active during the day.

When you sleep at night, your brain automatically reduces your need for sleep. If you sleep for the required number of hours, you wake up more alert. This is because the body’s need for sleep has been completely satisfied. This is very much like eating to satisfy your hunger. Once you have eaten your stomach full, you don’t feel hungry anymore. In the same way, when you get the required sleep you don’t feel sleepy anymore.

Stress And Your Sleep

Certain factors affect your sleep. Even if you may be physically on the bed, resting your body, you may not be sleeping. This will not satisfy the need of your body for sleep. This means that on these days you will wake up sleepier than alert. You must have experienced this many times.

One of the reasons for your losing sleep is stress. Everyone faces stress in life. It can come from an excessive workload that needs to be completed. Stress can happen if you have an unpleasant exchange with a family member or a colleague. When you are stressed your mind is kept on high alert so that it can act immediately because you are constantly thinking about it. This alertness doesn’t allow you to sleep properly. On such occasions, you wake without completely satisfying your sleep requirement. You will be less alert on such days.

How Does Meditation help In Sleeping?

We have seen that it is essential for you to sleep well so that you remain more active and alert during the day. Meditation helps to remain in focus. This means that you can handle your stress in a better way. Meditation also helps you relax. It reduces your blood pressure and makes your heart rate steady. All these help in sleeping better.

The main advantage of meditation is that it is safe and it helps your body in various ways. Another big benefit is that it can be used simultaneously with other techniques you may be practicing for getting better sleep. As meditation helps your mind focus you can solve problems and reduce your stress. When there is less stress you can have more sleep. Meditation also helps to make your body healthy, which will also result in your getting better sleep.


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