4 Reasons Why Sleep Meditation Is Your Antidote To Insomnia

Insomnia could be mild or chronic. When it is mild, you find it difficult to sleep properly for a long period of time or to get adequate sleep, especially during the night. On the other hand, chronic insomnia involves you finding it very difficult to sleep, this affects you both at night and during the day, it also leaves you drained and fatigued but you find it difficult to get any sleep. Insomnia is regarded chronic and dangerous to health when you cannot get proper sleep 3 times a week for 3 months.

The majority of causes of insomnia are due to life events (stress, anxiety, smoking and drinking too much, watching TV and playing on our phones) rather than illness. These activities keeps our body active and not ready to fall asleep. One the major ways to curb insomnia is through regular and proper meditation. Meditation is the practice of achieving clear and emotionally stable state of mind using various techniques.

We will consider why sleep meditation is an effective antidote for insomnia;

  • It helps to relieve physical tension: most times you are faced with insomnia due to the physical tension you experience after a long and stressful day. Meditation helps you focus on your attention on these areas where you feel the tension on your body and try to eliminate these feelings all with the mind. Meditation goes a long way to help relief you of all the thoughts that clouds your mind which later results to insomnia. Meditation is an art, that if properly mastered makes all the physical as well as emotional stress fade away. Proper meditation can facilitate sleep and cure insomnia.
  • Meditation helps relax and calm your mind: day by day our thoughts are clouded with “questions unanswered”, “challenges unsolved” and variety of plans that we need to actualize. Most time these activities really overwhelm us and makes it impossible for us to rest due to reoccurring thoughts resulting in stress. Did you know that 20-30mins of meditation before bed time helps rid the mind of lots of thoughts and plays the role of an effective stress reliever? Well now you do. Do ensure to meditate regularly and watch the drastic change in your sleeping habit, from negative to positive.
  • Meditation helps alleviate pain: one major cause of insomnia is either psychologically induced pain or pain caused by injuries. No matter the cause, if you feel pain, you tend to find it very difficult to sleep and you experience gross discomfort. Meditation helps you control your sensitivity to pain and helps you cope with the pain well enough to get some sleep. This is why most persons living with terminal diseases that inflicts pain on their body are advised to engage in regular meditation.
  • Meditation helps regulate blood pressure: if you have irregular blood pressure you might experience difficulty breathing and could be found panting once in a while without engaging in any physical bodily exercise. This keeps the body active and causes insomnia. Proper meditation can help control your blood pressure by calming the nerves responsible for blood movement round the body from the heart.

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