Beware of Meditation Scams

Meditation helps you to unleash yourself from the regular stress and tensions. It helps in building your inner soul and makes you strong, mentally. All these have made Meditation much more than just a Spiritual practice. With its proven benefits for your mind, health and psychological well-being it is something that most people follow.

When there is so much demand there is supply too and for that you will find different meditating centers pooping up here and there. Are all of them good? Will you be benefited from all of them? The answer is No; you may not get benefit from all of them as some are just scams. Then how will you know whether to join any particular center or not?

Meditation by Beginners

The first thing that you need to understand is what meditation actually is and how can you practices it? Most people when start meditation think that it is easy and you can do it yourself fast. It’s not that, you need practice and more practice to be able to actually meditate.

There are people who consider it as a Self-help technique and thus start teaching it. You can join them but the result may not be good as expected by you. They may tell you about ‘mindfulness’ and meditation but how much do they know themselves? Meditation does not know the techniques only; it is much more than that. You have to learn how you can connect with your inner soul. This way you will be able to gain what you are looking for, but for a beginner it may be tough. It will take time to excel in it and of course practice is the best way to do that.

Meditation Scams

There are many instances where it has been found that some individual or group have presented meditation in a scammy way. Actually as the demand for Meditation has increased all over the world, there are people who want to present it and earn money from it. They are not concern about the well-being that meditation creates, for them it’s just another product to sell.

You must have seen different catchy tagline where they promise that they will help you get enlightened in no time. Just think if this was so easy why Lord Buddha took so much time to get enlightened? He had nothing else to do then and you have mind full of stress!

You should be careful about the following

  • If someone promotes that they only know the unique technique of meditation
  • If they try to convince you that there are different way to meditate and all of them are not suited for you. However, they have the simplest and easiest way that will suit you best!
  • They do not teach you or even show you their practice until and unless you spend money for it.
  • Do not answer your queries and let you know what you are asking for. They may say that join and you will get all help.
  • Charging you heavily for teaching meditation


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