How To Center Yourself And Keep Yourself Grounded?

Centering yourself means attaining a particular mental and physical state. Centering is explained as mindfulness. The process of centering involves calming your emotions and putting your mind to relax. By way of centering you will be able to feel many more things that happen around you as well as within yourself. As a result of centering you become alert and relaxed simultaneously. A person who is grounded is always aware of the reality. Grounding and centering is a type of meditation by which you can focus your entire attention on the present and can gain more awareness. Grounding and centering provide relief from nervousness, mental worries and stress. The grounding and centering exercise enables you to live in the moment. Those who practice grounding and centering are able to remain stable as well as peaceful. They never lose control and they cannot be carried away.

Mindfulness practice helps centering

Many people are easily carried off when they listen to what others say. When you give more value to the opinions of others than your own opinion you will be pulled out of your center. As a result of regular practicing of Mindfulness you will be able to be back to your center. When you are centered you realize the real and understand that the truth is within you only. When you mediate you are alone and your mind is deeply engaged. But, the fact is that this a healthy type of loneliness. It will in no way harm you but will strengthen your body as well as mind. It gives you a lot and will not take away anything from you. When you practice mindfulness you realize that at the deepest level you are alone and you get convinced that you are a sovereign being. You will have full control of your mind and you become aware of what you listen to. When you realize that you are truly alone you feel deeply grounded. You recall that alone you came to the world and you will go out of it alone. This essential truth is indeed grounding. When you feel grounded you are brought back to center. The aloneness which you experience as a result of meditation generates as well as restores. It only gives and doesn’t take anything from you. When you are grounded you are able to stay true.

How meditation and mindfulness help you?

Meditation and Mindfulness help you center your mind as well as your self. As a result you can anticipate stress, relax, stay grounded and centered and diffuse the internal drama. Stress can kill a person and it is also addictive. Meditation enables you to notice the stress. Whenever you come across with situations, feelings, events or things that you do not like, you resist them. When you apply resistance you undergo a lot of stress. Why meditation is considered as the opposite of stress? When stress is the outcome of resistance meditation promotes peace and surrender. Meditation is all about acceptance. Meditation teaches you how to be comfortable with everything as it is. Through meditation you learn how to be mindful of stress as well as the source of stress. The inner drama is created as a result of our wrong way of thinking. Internal drama leads to emotional outbursts including anger, fear, rage and depression. Most of our unpleasant moods are generated by us only. The internal drama will spoil our focus, resolve and mental power. Mindfulness enables you to get back the focus, resolve and power and to be in control of your mind.


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