Have A Bad Habit? Use This Full Proof Plan For Breaking It!

Bad habit is something that is unhealthy, but you cannot avoid doing it! You may have tried to quit the habit many times, but alas, no use. Whether it’s been a New Year resolution or a goal for some time, nothing helped.

Even though you have failed in breaking a bad habit in the past, try out this plan and you will see that yes, you are out of this bad habit, At last!

Step 1: Identify your bad habit

Seems easy? But is the most crucial step. Whether you feel that over eating is your bad habit, or you are addicted to smart phone, just identify what your bad habit is.

Step 2: Consider impact of bad habit

It is obvious that the impact of your bad habit is not good, else why would you try to stop it?

Think what are the impacts of this bad habit on your life, both personal and professional?

Like for over eating you are becoming obese, you do not feel confident, like before. Due to this you will lose your confidence and that is going to hurt both your personal as well as professional life.

Similarly, there are bad impacts of your excess smartphone addiction too. It’s going to affect your health. Moreover, you will not spend quality time with your family for this. Even for this addiction your work will also get delayed.

These are just examples. Close your eyes and think how your bad habit is going to impact your life in future.

Step 3: Make the bad habit more difficult

It is human nature that they do not those things naturally that is hard to get. So, make your bad habit more difficult for you. Like, if you over eat then use smaller plates. This way you cannot stuff too much food at a time.

Once you make a thing difficult to do you will find that naturally you are not doing it as often you use to.

Step 4: Create a Baby Step

It is most crucial step for breaking your bad habit. A New Year resolution will not help until and unless you take smaller steps. Do not try to stop things in a single day, you cannot! Set up your mind and take small steps that will lead to ending the bad habit as a whole.

Step 5: Create Accountability

Accountability is necessary to ensure that you are completing those goals that you have set as baby step. Remember that if you do not check how much you have progressed you will not be able to judge yourself. Once you are doing this you will be more serious about your plans.

Step 6: Reward Yourself

So, you are able to complete a single step? Good, it’s time to reward you. A simple pampering is good and you will be motivated for completing the next step on time. This let you celebrate each phase of your success.

Once you have completed and is free from your bad habit, do not stop. Yeah! Bad habits returns fast and that’s why they are bad, so keep continuing from step 4 to 6 so that you know they are not going to return.


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