Gift Ideas That Encourages Mindfulness And Well Being

As holiday season arrives, your first thought is what to gift your dear ones? There are many things and you can choose them and gift them, but if you get some gift ideas that will promote relaxation, encourage mindfulness and have a positive impact then what else will you want?

Don’t get worried that from where are you going to get such ideas? Just read on and you will find about 10 of them.


#1 A Deck of Affirmation Cards

A perfect way to gift positivity! You can choose among varied beautiful decks that has quotes on self-help, affirmation and stress free life. The beautiful illustrations along with the quotes are surely going to win hearts.


#2: The Five Minute Journal

This is going to increase the overall happiness in your life and that person’s life that you are going to gift it. This science of positive psychology will surely bring positive changes.


#3: A Singing Bowl

A Tibetan singing bowl has rich tones that have vibrations for promoting relaxation. It has other healing powers to and this gift will promote mindfulness perfectly.


#4: Zen Sand Garden

Japanese meditative garden are well known for their properties of encouraging mindfulness. This mini version of that traditional culture will not only be a perfect gift but will also promote relaxation in both office or home.


#5: Master Your Mind Meditation Course

If you know a new meditator then this in-depth 5 week meditation course will surely be a blessing for them. There will be different techniques that are to be taught during the course so that you can learn how to meditate and excel your inner soul.


#6: A Pack of Blank Notecards

Blank notecards may be blank from your side, but when you gift it to someone they can use it for varied purpose. To say hello, wish happy birthday or even for writing down a note. They are really useful; and help someone to express themselves.


#7: A Mindful Colouring Book

You can find many colouring books for adults online and even in the market that promotes mindfulness. Gift them and let the other person relax during these holidays. There are many that act as perfect anti-stress therapy and obviously it is going to help someone who is under stress.


#8: A Plant

Seems simple, but a plant can heal your soul if placed at the right place. You can get them from market or your local flower shop. There are lot of choices to choose from, like orchids, English Ivy and others.


#9: A Scented Candle

Can you ignore a fresh smell in your home? Neither the person whom you are gifting this unique item. There are scented candles that actually calm your soul and mind and are a best gift for nay holiday.


#10: Wind Chime

A common one but believe me once you gift it to your loves one you are wishing them happiness.

A gift can be anything, but it should be given with a positive mind and if you choose any of the ones mentioned above you are surly promoting mindfulness.


Bonus: Your Own Presence

Though it may sound slightly narcissistic, sometimes, the best gift is just being there with your family. You may have moved away from the family household and not see them as much or have as much time for them as you used to, but your family still love you. Taking the time out of your new life to spend time with your loved ones is one of the most loving gifts you can give. While with your family you can impart the knowledge you have found during your meditation and how it made you feel.


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