How I Was Able To Control And Do Away With My Anxiety And Stress For Good

When I was the age of 20, I was full of uncertainties and there were so many unsolvable questions that I could not get answers to. Moreover, I couldn’t get someone to answer my questions emanating from my worries. With that idea at hand, here are some of the things that I used to wonder about. Will I pass my exams? What will my parents say? What will I do if I don’t pass? What will my friends think about me? Will I be painted as a failure? What if I become a failure in the future? These are the kind of questions that brought anxieties into my life. The anxiety kept mounting and the results were endless stressful situations.

I was, however, lucky to have visited one of my friends who was, at that time, was engaged in meditation. This is when I became interested in meditation as well. After a little training, my friend was able to show me how I could meditate on my own. As soon as I was able to meditate, here are a number of things that I could do so as to avoid painful anxieties. First, I did let what-if scenarios go and instead, I exchanged the negativities of yesterday with good things that would come if I work hard. Anxiety is basically a type of fear that comes when you think that you are unable to beat a certain challenge or fear. However, with meditation, I was able to train my brain to be hopeful (meditate about good things). After meditating for a while, I found out that I was able to overcome the fears I had in the beginning. For those things that were beyond my ability, I could just let them go and I purposed to live at least to fight another day.


How I used meditation to do away with stress

Stress is a feeling of disappointment and emotional discontent that comes when we are undergoing a number of personal problems accrued from the environment we live in. With that idea in mind, I was once a slave who had been entangled by lots of stress. I was stressed up to a point where headaches was the order of the day. I had even started a self-medication where I would use those pain killers that were high in terms of aspirin on daily basis. However, after discovering mindfulness meditation, it has helped me prevent as well as manage those high-stress events that I encounter on daily basis. My work is basically a source of stress because it is characterized by strict deadlines and failure to meet them inflicts punishments and penalties. With that idea in mind, meditation is a perfect but simple preventive medicine. In order to meditate and prevent my stressors, I just have to close my eyes, breath in deeply and release then breathe slowly while thinking of my situations. Here is also when I try to think about the positive side of things and acceptance of my situations.

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