How Joy Can Benefit You In Both Body And Mental Health

Joy is very important in the life of any person, especially when it comes to the different parameters of health such as the body as well as the mind. Body and mental health is instrumental in managing life and life related situations as it puts you in the best position to make decisions and come up with solutions. It also helps spare finances that would have otherwise been spent seeking medication.

Ways in which joy can benefit you in body and mental health

Joy is important as it has very significant benefits to the body. To list a few;

  1. Makes for a healthier lifestyle
  2. Promotes the body’s immune system
  3. Helps manage and fight off stress and pain
  4. Enhances longevity

The body and the mind are two important health parameters which have to be given critical consideration in as much as healthy living is concerned. Joy is one of the cheapest ways through which you can manage to have a healthy mind and body.

  1. Mental health

The mind and therefore the brain is a very important organ. Every emotion or feeling that an individual goes through is affected by the brain. The reverse is true. The brain does not have a single emotional centre, but different emotions involve different structures (Samuel Diana, 2018). The control panel of the brain is the frontal lobe. This part is responsible for keeping track of an individual’s emotional state. The thalamus (the brain’s information center responsible for regulating consciousness) on the other hand, takes part in the execution of emotional responses.

The joy that we feel is due to neurotransmitters in the brain (dopamine and serotonin). These are associated with happiness which is why people with clinical depression have lower levels of serotonin.

  1. Body health

Joy is very important as manifested in the flushing of the face or the racing of the heart when you feel happy. This is due to the effect joy has on the body’s circulatory system. Smiling can trick the body by elevating your mood, lowering the heart rate and even cutting down stress.

The principle fact is that joy is one of the best ways to manage stress and stress is the main challenger of health. By practicing habits that favor and bring joy such as  leisure activities and practicing a happy lifestyle, an individual protects his or her mind from illnesses due to stress.

Bottom line.

Joy has a very significant role in both mental and body health. As the happy buoyant emotion, it confers a great feeling. On an emotional level, we may be able to feel joy in multiple ways such as tearfully, euphoric and many more.


In the event that something joyous takes place, the emotional and physical response take place immediately due to their individual responses happening simultaneously in the body. It is therefore important to lead a joyful life as this is directly linked to both mental and bodily health.

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