Meditation Practices For Healthy Living


Meditation refers to the practice where one turns their attention to a particular point of reference and may involve focusing on one’s breath, on the sensations of the body or even on a word or phrase called mantra. In doing this, you hinge away from any thoughts or feelings that may be a distraction and concentrating on the existing moment. The best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is by establishing the positive practices that can get you to that point in life.

Importance of meditation practices

  1. Helps relieve stress

Meditation practices have a relaxing effect on the body giving way for an individual to get rid of stress and tensions. In this way, it is possible to lead a healthy life; free of stress related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, skin and tissue inflammation and bowel syndrome.

  1. It is a good way to come up with solutions

By engaging in meditation practices, the mind is aligned in such a way that it is able to notice the mistakes that are commonly made and by so doing, they are able to come up with creative solutions. This is because the mind is able to work best under programmed conditions that are presented in the midst of a meditation session.

  1. It is a means to achieve inner peace.

Often an individual is stressed by insignificant things that may be unexplainable. This may be due to the desire for perfection or even simply the need to become the best version of oneself in very difficult circumstances. Meditation will often result into inner peace as it serves to remind the individual of what is really important- peace of mind.

  1. Improves the quality of sleep

By engaging in meditation frequently, an individual is able to manage and relieve stress. Getting rid of stress is the fastest way through which you can achieve quality sleep. This is important as the body is able to meet a new day with a new focus as is the mind.

  1. Happiness and good health is achieved.

By extension, meditation relieves stress and therefore one is able to live happily. An individual will live a happier and healthier life if he or she practices meditation. As regards health, the immune system is protected from self destructing due to stress. It also helps keep the blood pressure in check as well cholesterol levels.

  1. Enhances self awareness

This is perhaps the most important benefit of meditation practices. The fact that one is able to connect best with himself or herself when meditating is the more reason why everyone should do it. Understanding and being at peace with yourself is very important.


The benefits of meditation practices are unlimited while the disadvantages are little or none. However, it is very crucial to understand that there is no wrong way or right way to meditate. Take the initiative to reap the full benefits of meditation to both your mental and body health and remember, what works, works!

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