How You Feel While Meditating?

When meditating for the first time you may not be aware that is this right feeling that everyone who meditates has? You may wonder if your practice is doing well at all. In all this what you forget is you need to be patient while meditating and get its benefits. At first, there may be more obstacles and fewer results.

During your early days, you may find yourself engrossed in your thoughts, to-do lists, and worries instead of concentrating on your breathing. Don’t take it negatively. Give time and you will find that things are changing, maybe slowly, but they are changing. Don’t think that you are wasting your time by sitting idle. Meditate and gradually you will come across the following experiences.

Here are a few indicators that will help you understand that things have started working.

Your concentration improves

Gradually you will find that you can concentrate on one single activity and not thinking about the world! Mindfulness is about forgetting the past and future and lives in the present. Your stress about the future will be gone and you will find yourself concentrating on your now. With time as your power will increase you will find that even when you are not meditating you can concentrate on the moment.

Just start counting from one to ten without losing your concentration once. When you can do that you must understand that you are going right. Your aim is not to preach others but control your emotions and stay cool even in a tough situation. You will find it is happening, slowly.

When other people notice the changes

While you practice meditation you will experience different sensations, but you may not know any psychological or physical change. You will get aware once someone tells you about it. Don’t think that you will lose weight or may get taller! With meditation, there will be a change in your nature, the way you react to situations, and handle your environment. This is a change that you may not notice as you are changing all by yourself. Someone else will notice it and let you know. That’s an experience!

Having amazing meditation experiences

Are you feeling something amazing while meditating? While you may think that things are amazing, they maybe not. Your teacher may tell you about a lot of things that meditators experience but it’s not that you will also have the same. You will gradually find that you are aware of the sensations that are going inside you. This awareness is all that is going to tell you that you are on the right track.


There are different stages of meditation and you can notice them change as you keep practicing. You will sometime find that you had been meditating for 30 minutes but it felt just like 5 minutes. It’s a change; it happens because you are engrossed in your positive thoughts and forget about what is happening in and around you. Your body will get relaxed and you can understand that.


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