How to Get Merit?

If you have a relation with the scouts then merit badges are not new to you. You must be aware of them, but do you know what merit is?

Different cultures define it in their way, but the basic concept is that merit is a result of good deeds or actions. You may acquire something and then utilize that power to gain something in life. That is merit, which helps you to get something that is wanted.

In Sanskrit, merit means Punya, is quite a weighty subject. Buddhism preaches merit as the path which will lead you away from conflicts, confusion, and incomplete knowledge. It takes you to build an ability that will increase your well-being.

How is that possible?

People are not born with any specific intentions; all of them have good ones. However, people get down to bad habits like self-centeredness, reactivity, and escapism because they are not comfortable, or are sad. According to Buddhist preachers, you can counter these bad habits and break them by developing good habits. In turn, its wisdom and merit that comprises your good habits.

What are wisdom and merit?

Wisdom lets you understand that every action that you take has its consequences. Whatever you reap will what you sow! Everything around you is interconnected and you cannot defy to the results of any action that you have undertaken. It’s also about understanding how your mind works and lets you lead your path of life. You can gain wisdom by studying and meditating.

In this context, merit is a bit different. It is about purifying your habits that lead you to unhappiness. You must replace your bad action with good ones like patience, charity, kindness, and forbearance. Here comes the preaching of generosity. It includes

  • Help the needy with food, cloth, and shelter
  • Protecting those whose lives are threatened and are in fear
  • Give people teachings that have the power to improve their lives.

In true sense, merit is not something that has any link with any religion or belief. It’s about placing others before you. It asks you not to be self-centered. You cannot forget all about your needs, but while fulfilling them understand and undertake the requirement of others too. You should be motivated to do well to others; your intentions should be good, even if you do not have potential.

How to get merit?

Finally, the question arises that how can you achieve merit?

Start with your thoughts, it’s where everything begins. Even if you want to do well, you will think first, the same for doing bad. Learn to control your thoughts. Be positive in whatever you do. Even if there are any negative thoughts, try to overpower them. Situations may not help in doing that always, but here meditation will help you do that. It will provide you the power to fight with all odds and overcome them so that your mind and soul is purified. One thing is most important here, that you must understand that you are negative, then only you will have the urge to be positive.


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