If United We Can Do This Together

Humanity- what is it and why is it so entangled with humans? It is so incredibly sad and at the same time it is joyful! Its so wonderful and other times it is terrifying. There is so much suffering in it and again there is also thriving. This explanation will continue when you think about humanity. It is a well-being or a feeling or just a thought that keeps humans busy!

How are humanity, unity and peace interconnected and how they affect us humans? Does it extend to the universe or is accumulated within our souls? We may think that there is no peace, actually its there but not enough of it. What we spend our time is upon things that are not that important, but then do they take away the peace from us? Maybe they do or may be they do not! We humans are extraordinary and if you can put in our efforts we can really define humanity. For this we need to be united.

If we are united

Just think of humanity and what will you find first? You may think of people who had great capacity. If you are united then you can utilize these divine abilities and think of further possibilities that are positive. There are many people who has detest and we may not think about them. However, the problem is can we actually leave them behind totally? Is it possible or should we get connected to them too making it possible for a better union in future?

Thus, humans being a beautiful species must be driven for getting their benefits. Rather instead of being divided they should be united that will bind them together. As a part of humanity it will benefit both you and me alike. Thus, what should be your utmost goal is to mend your yesterdays that will reform your today and prepare for the peace that you want for tomorrow. If this can be followed then everything will really change and make things better.



People live in different part of the world with different culture. In no sense one can say that they are united. The practices that you follow at your home will not match to the ones that your neighbour follows. Then how can you expect that something will be common between two people coming from different countries will totally different culture! But still there is something common, in all human beings throughout the world. That is humanity!

It is the single word that can unite the world, make it one irrespective of the differences. Some may be less fortunate while others will be fortunate. Some will be wealthy, some poor but humanity is something that is there in all, what is required is to identify it. Even living in the cultural differences you can be humanitarian with others and that will make you different. When we are united with the virtue of helping each other, staying beside each other at tough times, we can achieve humanity and that is the goal!



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