Meditation For Tuning Your Brain For Happiness And Calmness

Different research has been taking place over the last few years on the topic of meditation and it is better understood  how your brain reacts to it and what are the long term benefits that your brain gets.

Benefits derived from meditation

From meditation the following benefits can be derived

  • The aging of brain is slowed down
  • The part that mainly deals with memory and learning gets better.
  • Reduces unhappiness and mind wandering
  • The part that regulates emotion gets thickened.
  • Concentration improves
  • Helps in tolerating pain
  • Feelings of being isolated is reduced

You may be thinking, how come one activity has so many benefits to brain? The reason is that meditation is not a single activity but a series of exercises that optimises the brain.

How neuroscience intercepts it?

When you can understand yourself better you can control your emotions in a better way. That’s how neurosciences help you. It explains the mechanism that makes meditation help you control your emotions and feel better. Let’s take an example, while meditating you are exercising and working on thickening that part of the brain which regulates the amygdala, it is responsible for generating anxiety. While exercising this amygdala shrinks and that leads to a change in your regular behavior.

Different neuroscientists have shared that they can actually see the changes occurring in the brain within a time-frame of a few weeks. By meditating for a period of 20 minutes a day you too can see these changes in you, not like that of a neuroscientists but you can feel the positive changes that makes you feel better.

You too can do it!

Now, you must be thinking that meditation is all about those people who are spiritual and you are not among them! You are wrong, just the way you exercise to build your muscles you can meditate for building your brain. You need not be a body builder for exercising; you do that for increasing your flexibility and promoting muscle growth. In the similar way by meditating you can promote brain growth and resilience your emotions.

While this discussion about optimising your brain comes, you must remember one thing. When you do something to ‘save the planet’ why do you actually do that? To save the planet or to save the environment and biosphere where you live? You need not answer the question as it is already known and in the similar way when it comes to optimising your brain, you are not only working on it. Rather by meditating you are optimising your whole life. By meditating you can boost your creativity, easily focus on things and make yourself feel peaceful. Overcoming anxiety will become easier as you know that your brain is equipped to handle any problem that comes your way. By meditating you will be able to change the way you lead your life and make it happier and full of energy.


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