Steps To Increase Self-Empathy And Self-Kindness

While most people are aware of it, they do not practice self-empathy in their life. It’s not only you but most people lack practicing self-empathy. They feel that empathy is something that is for others and not for themselves. The results can have devastating effect on you. When you are depressed you may try to self-blame yourself that you want happiness, and that will take you far away from happiness.

Instead, if you try to recover and show self-empathy you will find that with time it becomes easier to face any challenge of your life. Remember that you have all the right to happiness, and by cultivating self-kindness and empathy you can actually make yourself happy.

Recognise Yourself as a Feeling Being

While cultivating self-empathy the first thing you need to do is feel yourself, be a feeling being. You must understand your feelings and overriding them for some time is possible but when you do that repeatedly, you will be facing problems. You will find that you are not able to enjoy life, there will be emotional brittleness and you are not able to connect with others easily. These feelings are common when you keep suppressing your feelings for long. With self-empathy you will learn that this is OK.

Sense Your Deepest Needs

Next thing is most important where you need to understand deep down in your heart that you want to be happy. You do not like suffering and you should do everything to avoid suffering. Feelings take you towards potential benefits and keep you away from potential threats. Feelings are needed to be controlled and self-empathy helps in doing that. It makes you sensitive towards your emotional needs.

Understand that life is challenging

It’s well-known that life is not a bed of roses and thus you should also be prepared for the challenges that come along in your life. Empathy will teach you that as human being you are doing just what is coming your way. You may feel that you are failing but you’re not, you are only undergoing hard time. Self-empathy will help you cope with that and get ahead with your life, the way it comes.

Offer yourself kindness and support

Understanding everything mentioned above makes it clear that you need to be supportive towards yourself in order to gain happiness in life. Happiness is not something that will come along easily and you have to work hard for it. You need to be kind to everyone during your struggle of life, and the most important person is of course yourself, so be kind to yourself. If you want happiness that does not mean that you want something from others. Show considerable support to yourself and make sure that whatever you are doing you are doing for a better you. When you are happy with yourself, you will be able to make others happy. Thus, be kind and show empathy to yourself and you will get the best from life.


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