The Most Common Ways Of Getting Stress Or Anxiety

In today’s hectic and fast-moving lifestyle, stress and anxiety have become a common occurrence. Continued periods of living in high levels of stress and anxiety can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health and you will need to seek professional help to deal with it. Some of the most common ways of getting stress and anxiety are discussed below:

Life Changes

Change is inevitable and an integral part of life. However, life changes can bring stress and anxiety. Most of us become habituated to a way of life and develop a comfort zone around us. When you are challenged out of your comfort zone due to sudden life changes like change in job, moving to a new place, financial setback, death of a loved one, divorce, etc. it can trigger stress and anxiety. When things do not go as per your plan or desires, then it can cause stress and anxiety.


Uncertainty is also a major factor for stress and anxiety. When you are uncertain about the future and how things and events may unfold, you can experience anxiety. The stress and anxiety are triggered mostly due to the fact that you have little or no control over these events. Other factors may also include apprehensions of not completing an important professional assignment, lack of finances to pay your bills, etc. Unpleasant and toxic developments and news around the world can also cause stress and anxiety. You can feel that you can also become a victim of these unpleasant developments which can raise your levels of stress and make you anxious.

Current Physical Conditions

Your current physical conditions can also cause increased levels of stress and anxiety. If you or someone in your family is affected by and living with a serious or life-threatening physical condition, then it can make you stressed and anxious. Some health conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, heart diseases, etc. are known to be associated with anxiety. If you have an overactive thyroid, it can also trigger anxiety and stress. In such cases, it is highly recommended to consult a good doctor to understand the cause of your anxiety and ways to address it.

Current Mental Conditions

Mental health conditions like living with depression can lead to stress and anxiety. It is very common for depression and anxiety to coexist in patients. If you are suffering from depression or any other mental health conditions, then you should consult a psychologist to get it cured.

Ongoing Drugs and Medication

People who are on regular drugs and medication can experience higher levels of stress and anxiety. Drugs containing stimulants can cause you to feel more stressed and anxious. If you are on medication like asthma inhalers, thyroid medication, diet pills, medication for psychiatric problems, etc. then you may expect stress and anxiety. Substance abuse like consumption of drugs and alcohol can further worsen the condition. They are generally used by people to alleviate their stress and anxiety levels. However, after the initial effects or high of the substance abuse subsides, it can lead to higher stress and anxiety.

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