Ways Through Which You Can Master Mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to the inner energy that makes it possible for us to identify the situations and causes of joy, which we already have in our lives so that we do not end up taking these conditions for granted. In being mindful, you always live in appreciation of the moment because you appreciate the fact that, that which you consider happiness now, may not be present tomorrow or a few days, weeks or years to come. In being mindful, everyday is a blessing. An individual can master the art of mindfulness through multiple ways. They include;

How to master mindfulness

  1. Master mindful breathing

This is an exercise very is easy to do and involves being able to identify breathing in and breathing out for what they truly are. To be able to achieve this, you have to recollect your mind to the actual moment when you are breathing in and out. Your mind will be instrumental in identifying your in-breath. The object of your mind in identifying these activities will therefore be the object of your mindfulness. The concept of this practice is that you live for the moment, making your breath serve as the object of your mindfulness and channeling all your focus towards it.

  1. Concentration

Concentration is another way through which you can master mindfulness and goes hand in hand with breathing. Concentrating on your breathing in enables you to be in synchrony with your in-breath at all times. The duration taken by your in-breath is directly proportional to your mindfulness. By concentrating in this way, the mindfulness achieved cannot be interrupted thus improving the quality with which you are able to concentrate.

  1. Body awareness

Breathing in and breathing out  while you are aware of the two countercurrent practices keeps you in total awareness of your body. This is because you will maintain the knowledge about the existence of your body. It brings the mind and body together, making them one and thus makes you well grounded right there and then. In so doing, you are performing the kind of magic where you are exposed to the wonders of life present in and around you.

  1. Walking meditation

Mindful walking is a form of meditation where you lavish at each and every step you take because it helps you connect with the wonders of life. To do this, you have to unite your mind and body so much so that with the every step you take you feel alive, jouyous and peaceful, like you are truly alive.

  1. Release tension

Releasing all the tension in your body is another way to achieve mindfulness. It requires that you remain truly conscious about your body. tension in the body exists either as pain or stress and tend to accumulate making the body to suffer. This tension can be released by sitting, lying down or standing up, you can relieve the body of the stress. Simply take a maximum of ten seconds to go over the mindful and relieve your body of the stress.


Mindfulness is a skill that everyone should develop specifically because it helps you maintain a healthy body. This is because stress and tension that exist in the absence of mindfulness is what results into illnesses and even premature deaths.  

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