The Top Common Mistakes That Leads To Failure During Meditation

Among the various natural approaches towards achieving an absolute state of bliss, peace and total quietness for both the body and mind, meditation has continued to occupy the top spot for ages. All the hype and benefits attributed to this ageless practice of complete happiness for both the body and mind isn’t far from the fact that meditation has a mysterious way of restoring Zen into your life even in a world with lots of bustles and hustles. However, the wrong approach or some common mistakes during your meditation sessions may deprive you of reaping these amazing benefits of meditation. Are you wondering where you may be faulting during your meditation sessions? Here are some common meditation mistakes you may be making.


  1. Expecting Quick Results

First thing first! Meditation is not a sprint race with almost an instant result after each session. So, if you recently join the meditation train with an eye for all its benefits, you should understand that it is a process that requires some time and patience since it doesn’t promise an instant reward for your time. To buttress my point, never get on meditation or engage in meditation with a “medication” mindset. Doing this will only end you in disappointment, frustration, and failed expectations. Just as it is the case, the benefits of meditation come naturally without a specific time frame, and when the benefits start trickling in, you may hardly see them as benefits.


  1. Inconsistency

Just like the saying goes “the decision to start is always the hardest.” This applies to meditation, because being a practice you are only trying to adopt, you might be tempted to skip your schedule at some point, and as it applies to other activities such as exercising, healthy eating or even reading, you must be consistent with your practice if only you hope to win big from meditation.



  1. Holding on and Listening to Your Thoughts

One thing that is common to the human mind and nature is the unrelenting thoughts of negativity and impossibility. So, when meditating, it is normal to have those negative thoughts pops up in your subconscious thoughts every now and then that you’ll likely not succeed or earn anything from meditation. Nevertheless, when such thoughts come, allow them because they’ll definitely come and go, while you focus on your breath and meditation.


  1. Thinking of Meditation as a Chore

Another important mistake you must avoid during meditation is seeing the practice as a mandatory exercise you must do simply because it has some benefits at the end of the tunnel for you. So, when engaging in meditation, do not see it as a task that must be accomplished by all means. Instead, focus on your reason for meditation; improved focus, stress management and whatever reason you have for meditating, and ensure that you achieve the goal with time.


  1. Thinking About What Is The Right Or Wrong Way To Meditate

Frankly speaking, there is no one-way-fits-all when it comes to meditation.  However, it is normal to be conscious whether or not you are doing it the right or wrong way. Well, while such thoughts may be running through your mind, you shouldn’t be engrossed in them. Instead, go with the flow, and ensure that you maintain any pattern that connects you with your inner being – this is the ultimate goal.


Wrap Up

Meditation is generally regarded as one of the safest practice to achieve a higher sense of calmness, peace and bliss within your body, mind and spirit. Some common mistake such as thinking of whether it is done the right or good way, expecting quick results, inconsistency in practice or even holding on to your subconscious thoughts can be a hindrance to achieve the benefits of meditation.


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