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When People Want To Help But Just Make Things Worse

It is impossible for anyone not to be dejected and feel bad about themselves. There are so many things that happen around us which can lead to dejection, sorrow, emptiness and in the end with a lot of stress and mood swings. These times the people around you may try to help you get out of this state but often make things worse for you. This is commonly not their mistake as what you need is a through analysis of yourself and start again. Commonly our anguish means no bounds when we are minding our own business and someone tries to help us through it.

The worst part is that they have good intentions to be of help and make things better for you. However, what they end up doing is just the opposite which you always dreaded. There are a few things you can choose to do when you are faced with situations like these. If you are able to follow these things then the chances of you coming out of it is higher than usual.


Taking time out:

Although this is not something you may be used to but can be tried when there is someone who is trying to help you out of a situation which you should be able to handle yourself. Simply, tell them to start talking about it at a later point than now. They sure can understand and this is when you can take time to yourself.


Understanding and reminding yourself of their intentions:

There is no better way to overcome this situation than helping yourself understand that they care. Their intentions are good but the problem is that it is not helpful to you at the very moment. Once you start to understand that they care about you and your sorrow it is easier for you to overcome the situation easily.


Asking or telling them and its importance:

This is considered to be the best option which you have at your disposal. It is not wrong to express yourself to them and tell them what you are thinking about the situation. People who really care would identify the need to listen to you. They would comprehend the issue you are faced with and try and help you to overcome it. It may not be wise to think that they should understand that they are not helping you. Rather you can tell them what really would help you. Even if it means that you are about to tell them to leave you alone.


Putting it in your own words:

Rather than using common terms, it may be wiser if you are choosing to use your own words. You can simply tell them that what they are trying to do is not helping. Alternatively, you can also suggest them what might be helpful to you under the given circumstances. Any one who cares about you and your feelings would appreciate that you spoke out. They would also take the efforts required from their end about what you have mentioned and try to implement it to make you feel better.


Following these few things can ensure that you are able to come out of the situation better than keeping things to yourself and locking up yourself in a room.


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