Can You Show Fear The Way Out Of Your Mind?

Once you fail in an adventure, your hopes, fortitude and strength remain up. Again you fail in another adventure, some of your hope and courage vanishes. Further failures break you in little pieces that cannot easily be joined together again.

But what is being misunderstood here is we are letting the fear of the failure, fear of answering other people, fear of facing people who succeed in life, fear of missing out, fear of lagging behind and other hundreds of countless fears take place in our minds when we “ALLOW” them.

Disabling these countless fears to enter your thought process is a perfect magic formula that helps you in conquering them and showing them their way out of your mind.

Here, show fear the way out of your mind:


Ascertain What Fear is Doing To You

Does fear hurt you badly like an axe in your mind? Well, most fears damage your self-confidence and self-assurance ruthlessly if you do not control them at all.

Loss of financial freedom, financial stability, issues of friendships, loves and family problems etc. happen to cause fears.

For controlling the damage of the fear upon yourself, ascertain what fear does to you. Where from fear comes into your life. What things make you feel fearful? What events make you feel fearful? Why you should be fearful of these event.


Answer Your Fears

Now, determine answer of above questions.

Find the spots of your body where fear brings you sensations and vibrations causing anxiety attack and panic attacks. Talk to fears in your mind, tell it some logic why you should not be frightened of it and tell yourself that you are brave. You are not scared of these fears.


What Fear is living in Your Head?

Now, term the fear that is living in the space of your head. What had caused it? Has pain caused it or any suffering, languishing, grievance, rejection or failure?

Fears start living in our minds if we are not alert about it. They can get in the way of our happiness.


Showing Fears Way Out of Your Head

You can do mindfulness mediation and take charge of your mind, and releasing fears thereby. Here is how you can do it:


Live in the Present Moment

Fear is an emotion that makes us feel afraid about a future anticipated moment. When you try to live in the moment and fight the anticipation in your head, fear goes away.


Accept the Result

You may ask yourself what may happen if that future anticipated moment happens. So, by accepting this probable consequence, you can feel at peace and show the fear its way away from you.


Do Not Judge

If you stop judging your fears in the worst and best scales, you probably will stop considering it as a fear.


Fight Them.

Do mindfulness mediation in the peaceful environment, and tell your fears that you are not afraid of them.

By conquering these fears, you will gain control of all your fears and remain strong in any circumstances.


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