How To Deal With Relationship Break Up With Meditation

Breakups are always painful; they leave you alone, stressed and full of self-doubt. You are not the only one who is facing this at least once in their lifetime, but there are many who have been through this. Things seem to stop and you cannot find happiness in a single thing around you, but can you let your life stop for this? No, never, and for that what is required is dealing with the breakup and refreshing your mind once again.

Do you know that meditation can really be helpful when you are trying to cope with a breakup? Meditation is a simple thing that has many positive effects on your mind and body. It is also helpful while you are dealing with a relationship breakup.


How meditation helps

In order to understand how meditation helps while you are undergoing a relationship breakup, you have to understand what happens to your mind. While you meditate you learn to focus on certain things. While you focus on a particular thing you start concentrating on it, forgetting about other worries. This gradually reduces your stress level and you feel relaxed.

Now, when you are just through a relationship you are stressed. You are not sure whose fault it was and all this makes you upset. In such situation when you meditate every day you find solace in your heart and mind. After meditating you feel that you are able to connect with your inner self. You understand what is happening and why is it happening. It let you cope with the situation and gradually you find that you are able to accept that yes, there was a break up and you need to overcome it and go ahead.


Meditating for dealing with breakup

Meditating not only helps you while you are going through a breakup, but it also helps you in facing other challenges that comes your way. When you are stressed because of breakup you need to find a cozy place in your home and choose it for meditating.

Then sit in a cross legged position with your spine straight. Bring both of your hands in the center of your heart and let the palms touch each other. The thumbs should also touch each other. Now gradually start focusing, for this you can focus on the tip of your nose or if you wish you can focus on the center space of your hands. While focusing you can repeat any mantra or just say ‘Om.’ or listen to some soft music like what we provided below as it will help you concentrate. With time you will find you are feeling relaxed.

Do this regularly and you will find that it is easier for you to cope with the situation. Something that had been tough yesterday to accept will seem easier now. You can understand how to deal with the pain as after you meditate every day you will find the pain receding. You can rediscover yourself and learn to live a better life on your own terms.


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