How To Meditate During Stressful Times

There are different ways that help in stress reduction. Being stressful is a mental situation that affects both your mental and physical health, thus it is necessary that you try to reduce it. No doubt that meditation is one of the best way of doing so. It makes your life healthier and of course it helps a lot in anxiety reduction.

The challenge, however, is to meditate properly when you are under a stressful situation. Meditation helps you to put your mind at ease as you learn to control the focus of your attention. It’s this controlling of tension that is tough. If you start meditating you will find that gradually you are able to overcome stress. Here are simple ways to meditate while you are stressed.


Start your day in different way

It’s true that you are busy and the moment you wake up you jump into daily life. To start meditating why not start your day in a different way? Don’t worry, you do not have to change a lot but just by waking up 15 minutes before the time you normally wake up you can change your schedule.

Look out for a quiet place in your home to sit and then close your eyes. Then tilt your head down towards your heart and follow the rhythm of your breath. Try to feel that each breath reaches your heart and fills your brain with oxygen. Feel good that you are gifted with another day that can be spent with the people you love, doing things you like most. Keep your mind calm and make sure that you are going to have a happy and good day, whatever the situation is. You can notice change within few days of change in your daily schedule.


Try to get to the heart of the cause of your stress

In order to achieve success from meditating and reduce the stress level it is necessary that you understand what it is that is making you stressed again and again. There are various reasons that makes you stressed, not only one. Once you know about those things that makes your brain busy, you can easily control your emotions to stay relieved. Meditation techniques will again help you in doing so.

Take a sheet of paper and ask yourself what it is that you are afraid of? Is it something at your job or a situation of your personal life? As you know what it is that you are afraid of, again ask yourself about the situation that you may fall that makes you afraid of. If required keep on asking yourself further questions and keep writing the answers. The moment you feel you are at the root cause, try to relax upon the situation. Think out what can happen to your life if you do not do these things. It’s a simple way to work on the cause that is making you stressful. When you are meditating you can concentrate on these things and make yourself feel relaxed, as nothing will change that much if you cannot do something.

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