Meditation Practices As Stress Management

Developing effective meditation practices is important in the life of an individual. A good meditation practice must always start with finding the practice and the location that works best for you because this may not be the same for everyone else. Many forms of meditation exist some of which can be done individually whereas others require the guidance of a partner or of an external party such as music or sound. However, it is important to note that there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Examples of meditation practices

  1. Guided meditation

This is where you use elements such as music, which will have a soothing effect on your soul. Such kinds of music have to be slow and calm so that the element of peace will be incorporated in the session. Loud and disturbing music will often not allow the soul to relax and therefore you cannot meditate.

  1. Candle staring

In the event that you have trouble managing to focus, a lighted candle can help you. Staring at a lit candle will help focus your attention as observing what the flame is doing and letting the thoughts have their way will steady your focus.

  1. Mantra

This is the meditation practice where you repeat certain words that have deep contrition to you repeatedly. This will often help you find calm and therefore achieve focus. There are multiple Sanskrit mantras from which you can choose.  Good example being the Gayatri mantra. This mantra holds meaning in both the sounds as well as the words it features.

  1. Visualization

This is a basic way to achieve meditation. It is a technique that makes use of the mind. All you have to do is picture an idyllic setting in your mind, which could be a being or something else. Focusing on this picture and letting yourself embellish it to the level where you feel satisfied will do.

  1. Present moment meditation

This is another “in the moment” kind of meditation that is very simple but effective. Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath is the way to start. This requires that you take a few moments to give your focus time to expand and extend to your body as well as to the sensations that your body is going through. You then allow your focus to explore anything touching your body and make sure to take note of these feelings. Finally, expand your awareness to all the things that you are able to hear or sense. Lastly, go back on this process and come back step by step.


Meditation practices help relieve the mind and body of both tension and stress. By practicing meditation habits, you not only achieve inner peace but also protect yourself from different forms of stress related illnesses. Finding a good meditation practice that actually works successfully for you is a great milestone in one’s life. You can get to this point through multiple experimentations with different practices and doing research.

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