Nourishing And Exhausting Activities

All of us know how it feels in the day after you have had a sleepless night. You are mostly irritated and you feel that even the smallest task is very difficult to complete. Your interaction with people will be very poor on such days and you can even end damaging some relationships. The key to a good day is good sleep at night. One of the answers to good sleep is to feel mentally energized. There is a simple way you can feel energized and we will find out how it can be done.

Analyze Your Activities

There are many activities that one must do in a day. There are certain things we must do to fulfill our responsibilities to our job, our home, our family and our society. There are some activities that you cannot escape from. We normally categorize these activities as duties. There are other activities that you do voluntarily. What you must do is to take a paper and pen and sit down. Note down all the activities that you do in a day. Try to include everything that you do in a day.

Once you have listed down the activities you must analyze which ones give you happiness and which ones don’t. What activities give you happiness and what doesn’t will not be the same for all individuals. You must see which activities make you feel more energized than exhausted. You must consider this on a mental level. Even physically exhausting activities can make your mind feel more energized.

You can mark “nourishing” against those activities that energize you and “exhausting” against those that drain you mentally. You must then check whether you are doing more activities that are nourishing or exhausting. That is what will decide whether you sleep better at night or not. If you are doing more nourishing activities then you will certainly be more energized and get better sleep at night.

Change The Way You Spend A Day

What do these activities do to you? A nourishing activity will lift your mood and make you feel calmer and focused. An exhausting activity is going to lower your mood and make you stressed and irritated. We all know that when there are stress and tension it is not possible to get good sleep at night. Your stress will keep your mind alert and prevent you from sleeping peacefully. Hence, you must change your routine.

One way of changing your routine is to reduce the exhausting activities and increasing nourishing activities. Many things can become nourishing. Exercising is one of the things that most people find as nourishing. Taking a walk in the nearby park can make your mind more cheerful and energetic. If there is nothing that comes to your mind, you can even start some new hobbies. Try to learn a new language. Enroll in music or arts courses.

The other way is to make your exhausting activities to energize you. If you don’t like cooking for the family, try to make it interesting by trying new recipes. If don’t like shopping, try to involve yourself more in it. You may find that you like it. Increasing your nourishing activities will ultimately lead you to better sleep at night.


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