How To Raise Your Vibration To a New Frequency

Everything around us is made up of energy and this energy is what makes it possible for different things to vibrate. Vibration in this sense means that one is able to resonate with their surroundings to make sure that their presence is felt. In addition, these vibrations make everything in nature be connected to another thing of its kind. For example, human beings are connected to each other through the things in nature that they share including air and light. The vibrations that are present in each human can be tuned in such a way that they become louder and have more frequency so that your presence can be felt more.

How to raise your vibration

  1. Surround yourself positive vibes

One of the most effective ways or raising your vibration so that your presence is felt by the people around you is by being a good person and surrounding yourself with good people. Doing good things will ensure that the people around you are able to notice you more and they are better able to connect with you. Doing good things to others has been a phrase that has mostly been used in religious contexts. This is no longer the case because there is a lot of scientific study that has proven that doing good things has actual impact to how you relate with what is around you.

  1. Good thoughts

Thoughts have long been known to affect our actions and moods. When you think that something will affect your life positively, this is bound to happen. This is because your thoughts contain energy that produces vibrations. These vibrations course through you to make sure that the thoughts are in line with the things that are happening in your life.

The difference between high and low vibration

Physics explains the difference between high and low frequency in a detailed way. With high vibrations, waves of light are created and these affect the things around us. Low vibrations also affect things around us because they are weighty and contain heavy matter. In this context, it shows that both high and low vibrations are capable of affecting our lives. With high vibrations of love, kindness and empathy, we will be able to create a positive surrounding. With low vibrations of fear, jealousy and hate, we will create a negative surrounding. This is because the environment that is around you will most definitely react to the vibrations that you emit.

Benefit of high vibration frequency

High vibration frequencies are most likely to give us a more peaceful world with less violence and crime. This is because when you are able to create a positive environment around you, the environment will react so that it responds to your vibration. This means that the people around you will notice you and they will want to live like you.


Vibration frequencies are most likely to affect how the world around us reacts to our presence. With a higher vibration frequency, one is more likely to impact feelings of kindness and love. This helps to create a better world for everyone.


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