Shedding Your Past For A Better Tomorrow

In life, we grow up to build-up on things and baggage, and sometime, these are things you never planned to experience.

Numerous things happen in our life’s that makes us feel depressed or torn apart. However, we need to move past these things.

It is hard too, but we need to embrace the new things that will make us live a different life from our previously live life since it is said that nothing lasts forever, just like a snake, mindfulness offers you the opportunity of shedding the past and being reborn.

The things that give our life meaning is unique to every individual. At some point in life, we try to consider if the life we are in really has meaning because if it usuallydoesn’t look like the life we want to lives

In our struggle to live the actual life we intend to live, weneed to decideto ponder and ask some personal questions, thendraw out plan questions and answer to the unanswered secret questions in our minds.

What does it mean to shed your past?

When you deny the personal history of yourself that you believe for you to become a new person with a different life then you are shedding your past.

We need to grow so we can expand our consciousness. Change is the only certainty in life therefore, let go of your past and move on.

How do you shed your past?

You can shed your past by being reborn into every new day. This happens in several ways.

Wake up with the heart of a beginner

Shed your past and get into a new day as a beginner, this is you letting go of every baggage you have mentally so that you can meet up with recent happenings of the day with an open mind.

Appreciate each and every day

Discover the things you need to learn, touch, feel, or know about each day so that you can be filled with appreciation and strength.

Pause and appreciate everything happening around you no matter how minute they maybe this will help your consciousness of your surroundings and allow the appropriate admiration to establish into our bones and existences.

Design your day into what you want it to be

You can choose to always show up instead of shutting down, we can learn to be kind by sharing whatever we possess with the world whenever negativity is thrown at you, you can create it to return with a positive outcome.

Love and cherish the day

It is said love conquers all, always let go of hostility, judgment, evil, and hate by leading with your heart.

Always see beyond the differences you have with people or yourself and connect with the things that bring you joy.

Always remember to play often

The truth is life is usually not serious as your min makes it look. Because laughter is good medicine, and knowing that the new day is bright and filled with good things, play away from the sorrows of the past.


Because we create a world that is based on the happenings of the past, there is a possibility that we drop these imaginations and be born into the consciousness of a new day if we realize the things to do.

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