The Signs That You Went Deep Into Meditation

Meditation is a process of seclusion. It makes us understand the language of our soul; the beauty that lies beneath ourselves. It helps us categorize our character to become a good human being. It helps us to regain our stamina and it keeps our health stable. It has so many benefits. But it doesn’t come handy to anyone. One should have proper inner strength to meditate without deviation. Once you go deep inside meditation, it’s not a good sign though. Everything should be in limit; if anything goes off that limit. Below is the list of things you need to know so that you went deep into meditation;

  • You feel your body relax: Sitting straight with eyes closed. If you get so lost that you don’t even feel your body go to relaxation process from being tense and later when you go through your experience you remembered it. Then that means that you went deep into meditation. Congrats! It just doesn’t happen to anyone ordinary but only to


  • You Don’t know the clock is ticking: Another sign is you go so deep in meditation that you don’t even recognize the time you started and the time you finished. Example you feel that you end up the process half an hour after the time you started but the clock was showing one hour further. This is the extent of deep meditation.


  • You get lost: The depth of the mediation makes you so lost, that you forget your surroundings and your current state. You are not even aware of what are you doing. Your mind doesn’t do any job and pauses. No awareness, nothing. Your mind de-excites. You no longer have the knowledge of who you truly are or don’t even remember your name. You get yourself lost in the deep ocean waves of the process of meditation.


  • You feel trouble in breathing: The rate of your breathing increases and decreases gradually depending on the work you undergo. If you sleep; you breathe slow and steadily while running you breathe fast and panting. But going deep in meditation will make you to forget to breathe for a moment and you gulp for air. This is also a sign that you are a good meditator.


  • You forget what you are doing: Last but not the least, you dwell so much in the meditation and feel so blissful and in peace that you forget what you are doing. You forget that you are meditating.


The tides that drown you will at last make you reach the shore. You reach the bottom of your chest. You gain salvation and remedy to be happy in every sad ending you encounter. The process of continuous meditation will do magic to your lives. If you are not a good meditator, then don’t worry. Little drops of water make an mighty ocean. These tiny steps you take will make you do better and pave you the way for a best future


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