Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and stress are the two sides of a same coin. Though taking them less has it’s advantages when they go beyond our control, it will mean a red sign indicating danger. Anxiety is often referred as fear. Lacking the ability to do things normally and when you get all jittery and nervous for doing a task will cause anxiety. This anxiety grows bigger and associates itself with a suffix disorder.

When triggered, this anxiety disorder will be really hazardous to our health. We should check whether we have this disorder from long back or it’s just the beginning. We should keep a note that whether it is having its continuous effects on our day to day life. If so, then In order to get ourselves a safe coast, we should be well aware of the symptoms that eventually lead up to this deadly anxiety disorder. They may include;

  • Restlessness after doing every work. The fear of unexpected problems coming our way. Which they don’t.
  • Worrying a lot for simple issues. Letting it affect you health.
  • Fatigue after waking up and feel tire to do any work.
  • Difficulty in concentrating when attending classes in both schools and colleges or it may also include family gatherings and get together.
  • Muscle tension without doing anything. Feeling the muscles tense unwontedly.
  • Trouble sleeping is a common factor of every disease in the world. A good night sleep drives away all sorts of sickness and every morning it brings new happiness and a reason to live.
  • Irritating behavior for simple issues. Being rude with friends and family members. Picking up fights for everything and nothing that goes around them.
  • Avoiding Society like it’s an hazard. Skipping family reunions and other festivities the society undergoes. Blocking themselves in a tight nut shell and don’t come out. They think they are secure by this way.


Though it seems impossible to regain our usual self to be fully well, there sure is a way. As the saying says “Where there is a will, there is a way” So we should make ourselves stronger and more faithful to get out of the disease.

Most common and suggestive option is to look for a physician. If the signs are severe and you experience them in a regular basis then it’s time to make a step to meet with a good psychiatrist or a counselor. Counseling seems more reliable option. Treatment is must to undergo and should flow all the things the doctor suggests in order to fully come out of this disorder. If the symptoms are not so severe, then there are options of natural ways to ensure wellness after Anxiety disorder. They may include as follows;

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Saying no to alcohol
  • Bidding bye to smoking
  • Limiting the intake of caffeine
  • Taking the probiotics regularly
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Meditation

If this treatment is a success will mean that we won the battle against the scariest disorder in the world.  Proper treatment will ensure salvation and help us lead a pleasant life.


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