How ASMR Stress Relief Works

Do you feel uncontrollably uneasy and not responsive to surrounding activities, slight headache, insomnia and low energy? You could be stressed if your answer is “YES”. Stress is the internal distribution of force per unit area within a body reacting to applied forces which causes strain or deformation. Stress is most times characterized by strong emotional pressure experienced by humans, which they find very difficult to control.

You must have heard of methods of blocking anxiety, but have you heard about brushing away stress? Autonomous sensory meridian response is a procedure founded by many qualified scholars and professionals. ASMR is a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound. This stress relief pattern is triggered by things like – whispering, voices, tapping and crisps sound, paper tearing and scalp massage.

In order to achieve the best while trying ASMR, all the sounds must be made within close proximity of the listener. In fact, close attention is a required when listening to the trigger sounds, this is in order to get every sound given by the ASMR artist or the trigger. ASMR sounds can be used as form of relaxation, dealing with stress and also some participants admitted that ASMR helped them relieve depression. Most persons have argued that ASMR causes brain orgasms and is one of the best methods of relieving stress.

In a 2015 research paper of Swansea in the UK, researchers found out that sound plays a critical role to relief stress and the reactions can be placed on the opposite end of the spectrum as those who have Misophonia people who hate certain sounds to the point of being repulsed. Whispering tends to be one the most effective trigger.

Although there is no scientific research that has been conducted about ASMR, there are over 100,000 subscribers to ASMR related YouTube pages, mainstream news have covered it, people take various roles (doctors, teachers and even robots) just to offer the triggers to interested viewers who can actually experience ASMR. If you are unsure whether or not you can experience ASMR, search for an ASMR video on YouTube, put on your headphones, find your trigger (whispering, fabric rustling, scratching, clicking, crinkling, spraying). If you feel any tingly feeling during those sessions then you have ASMR.

When watching an AMSR video, ensure to maintain eye contact with the person making the sounds and follow each sound meticulously because it is a very personal act. You could watch the videos in the office while sitting on your desk, at home while laying on your bed or on any favorable position void of distraction and external noise. One major advantage of advantage of ASMR is that it has no side effect at all, you just relax your mind, notice all the tension in your body and release it with one big exhale. Most persons who run ASMR YouTube pages demonstrate clearly how you can massage and relax your muscles in their videos.

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