How can Meditation Fix Fear of Flying?

The fear of flying, which is also referred to as ‘Airplane Anxiety’ is more common than you might think. This kind of tension generally manifests itself in not just one particular area, but many different areas. This type of anxiety results from the fact that the state of flying is unnatural to human beings. Thus, humans feel vulnerable while trying to do something for which they are not naturally disposed to. Many people meditate or listen to meditative music in order to address their ‘airplane anxiety’. Find out how the fear of flying can be fixed by meditation.

Emits theta frequencies

When you chant ‘Om’ or other mantras during meditation, Theta frequencies are emitted. These can let your brain relax. During the Theta state, your brain is in a state of awareness, but is meditative and calm. Your brain can get into a relaxed state, which can prepare your body and mind for the flight. Meditative practices can soothe your nerves and prevent your mind from entering a state of panic due to constantly negative thought processes.

Trains the brain for challenges

With the practice of meditation, you can get the ability to see your own thoughts and witness your own reaction to the same. It can let you linger for more time into every moment, and introduce kindness and logic into the same. Meditation can actually train your brain to focus on the positive thoughts, and give you the time that is needed for actually choosing how you wish to react to your negative thoughts.

Lets you choose your reactions

With consistently meditating, you can choose your reactions and get to establish a new type of relationship with your own self. It can let you the generosity and humility that you need in order to tackle the ‘challenges’ of flight. Even if you do not love to fly, you can at least remember how to do it. The process can be good enough for you.

Helps you to regulate your breath

An imbalance in breathing pattern is one of the key reasons why your body goes off balance. During a meditative state, your body is able to stay in a perfect state of breathing. You can breathe in and out in a definite pattern and enter an ideal state of relaxation. With controlled breathing, it will be easier for you to achieve perfect circulation and harmony in body and mind. Whether it comes to a takeoff, landing or in flight, you will constantly be breathing. The more you get tensed, the more your breathing pattern will be out of balance and your body will enter a state of disarray.

When you meditate, your body and mind can be in a state of mindfulness. This can help you – whether you are in the air or on the road. With quiet meditation for even a few minutes, you can feel one with yourself and be able to slip into a state of relaxation that can stop your mind from panicking through constantly negative thought processes.


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