Practice Yoga To Get Relief From Isolation Anxiety

The deadly Corona continues to terrorize the world and the numbers are alarmingly going up every day. More than 240000 people are affected and already more than 10000 people died because of Corona. Humanity is to face the worst economic turmoil. So far there is no effective prevention and no effective cure. It’s beyond anybody’s guessing as to when we will be completely out of this danger. Government authorities are urging the people to be confined within the four walls of their homes and all those who have tested +ve for Corona or suspected as victims of Corona are kept in isolation. Those who are in isolation are required to cope up with their anxiety and they have to ensure that the isolation anxiety never takes the control of their mind. Through its recently released health guideline The Harvard Medical School has conveyed a very useful message to all people across the world who are put in isolation which says that practicing yoga and meditation is proved very effective to free the mind from anxiety and facilitate mental relaxation.

Effective methods to calm our minds

Those who are in isolation are advised to regularly practice the various “Aasanas”, “Dhyana” and “Pranayamam” (controlled breathing) so that they will be able to calm their mind. Those who are used to yoga practicing can very well continue with their regular schedule when they are in isolation also and those who are new to yoga and controlled breathing can start practicing yoga as a new activity to distract their mind which ultimately they will identify as the most effective method for mental relaxation. Many professional psychiatrists agree that various yoga apps had really made the learning of yoga as well as meditation simple and easy. Controlled breathing enables a person to get rid of his anxiety and remain calm and centered. This is the time when people should pay serious attention to this type of health advices since they will be of great use if and when they have to be in isolation as a result of the fast growing pandemic. Ensuring perfect hygiene and finding out safe and effective methods to calm the mind are needs of the hour. Let us choose yoga and meditation as the new methods to be safe and relaxed as far as possible.

Benefits of yoga and meditation

Consequent to the continued growth of the Corona virus, the American community has come under the grip of isolation anxiety. Corona has fuelled mental health problems and anxiety due to fear of isolation. As already advised by The Harvard Medical School, practicing yoga and mediation is the best solution for the people of US as well as all other parts of the world to get relief from anxiety. Meditation is the most effective way to free our mind from distractions. Meditation enables a person to focus his mind. To begin with, one may practice meditation for just 5 minutes and may gradually increase to 30 minutes. When we practice yoga, we get complete relief from the physical uneasiness caused by anxiety. Besides providing relief from the physical discomfort, yoga effectively calms our mind by way of preventing anxious thinking.


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