Steps to Dive Deep Into Meditation In Just 1 Minute

Meditation is a process to attain complete salvation of both body and soul. It gives peace to the soul. It is the food we provide to enrich our soul with nourishment to attain the bliss of this life. By doing Meditation we go through the pages of our mind which were left unread, we fill the pages that were left blank and build our own selves with goodness and make our health a lot better. It cleanses our life.

Meditation is necessity nowadays, as our surroundings are filled with nothing but dust, dander and pollution. Our well-being is in such a risk that we need sometime to blank out from this modern World and contact our soul., and Meditation is the right and the best choice to do it.

Going deep in meditation like a pro will need lots of concentration and it will provide you loads of benefits. They may include good health of body and soul, a way to take a break from continuous stress of work, a time to know ourselves and understand who we really are and finally understand the purpose of life.

There are few signs that will make us know that we go deep in meditation and they may be classified as:

  • Forgetting that you are meditating while you are doing meditation. We are not aware of what we are doing and we get ourselves immersed in pure meditation.
  • Getting lost in meditation, like we enjoin so much in doing meditation that we get ourselves lost in the depth of the ocean that is meditation.
  • Forgetting the time, we get ourselves so lost in the process of meditation that we don’t recognize that the clock has stroked an hour but we feel as if it is still ten minutes into meditation.
  • Not knowing who we are, we get ourselves so deep into meditating that we attain a state of mind that we forget our identity.
  • Breathing imbalance happens when we get lost so much in meditation that we feel troubled breathing.

These are the signs that show that we actually went deep into the process of meditation. But they are not very easy. It cannot be attained in one try. At least we should do half an hour of meditation a day so we could go this deep into the process of meditation.

But nowadays our life is so hectic that we barely get few minutes to take a breath for ourselves out of our busy schedule. The list of to do becomes infinite and sometimes scare us so much. So if you want to go deep in a meditation in just one minute is possible if you try this,


Breathe slowly, for 6 seconds per out-breath, and then 6 seconds per in-breath. Count to 6 silently each time you breathe in, and each time you breathe out, while imagining a large empty space filled with nothing in the back of your mind and close your eyes tight and try to immerse yourself within that emptiness. Try it, I am sure you will be successful.


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