What is chakra meditation?

Chakra meditation can provide enormous benefits for our body and mind and if practiced regularly enough,it can help balance our chakras and bring them in alignment with one and another.

In short, chakra meditation is another form of meditation, but this type is rather unique. ‘Chakra’ is an ancient Sanskrit word which means wheel or vortex and this philosophy originated in India.  The human body is said to have 7 energy centres which run up alongside the hormonal gland along the spinal column.

Chakras are considered to be wheel like energy centres which are not physically apparent but belong to the subtle spiritual body which is connected to the material one. Each chakra has its own specific function which corresponds with human emotions and experiences.

Our mysterious universe distributes a divine life-force energy which makes up everything and everyone. Anything that is physical vibrates through this energy and can influence its neighbouring bodies, affecting them through something which is called sympathetic resonance. This life force is pumped out through the earth and up into our bodies and it is what we do with this energy that makes all the difference. Our chakras balance and distribute the energy accordingly and seeing that they are all interconnected, it is important that each one is working correctly to achieve optimum health and harmony.

Even though you may feel perfectly fine, the chances are one or more of your energy centres maybe blocked or have been in the past. When a chakra becomes blocked it can have negative implications on our health and well-being. It is these blocks that can hinder us in achieving our maximum vitality, which can lead to us feeling tired, exhausted, anxious, and worried.

Which chakra is responsible for anxiety?

The throat chakra is associated with the colour blue. It is connected to our thyroid gland and regulates our sense of security, leadership, expression, and communication. When it is out of balance, we can be left feeling anxious, insecure, and paralyzed.



The 7 main chakras

The root chakra. Sanskrit name – Muladhara, this is associated with the colour red and earth element, it is the lowest chakra in the body, located at the bottom of the spine. This energy centre gives us grounding, it governs the way we connect to the outside world and oversees our basic needs such as food, shelter, and stability.

The sacral chakra. This is known as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit and is located below the naval. Its base colour is orange and its element is water. It is linked to our sexuality and creative process, encouraging us to explore the world and use our creativity to find artistic outlets and adapt to change.

The solar plexus chakra. Also known as Manipura, is located above the naval and below the rib cage around the belly button. Its colour is yellow, and its element is associated with fire. This chakra provides a source of personal power and relates to self-esteem, warrior energy and the power of transformation.

The heart chakra. Known as Anahata meaning ‘unstuck’ in Sanskrit. It is in and around the heart area, associated with the colour green and the element of air. The heart chakra is a person’s personal profile, identified as generosity, compassion, and connectedness.

The throat chakra. Vishuddha is its Sanskrit name, its colour is blue, and its element is ether. Governing the mouth, throat, and tongue it regulates communication and allows us to express ourselves successfully.

The third eye chakra. Also known as Ajna, is located just above the eyebrows in the centre of the forehead. It is associated with the colour indigo and its element is light. It governs intuition and insight, especially at spiritual levels.

The crown chakra. This is known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit and is the most spiritual of the core chakras. Governing spiritual consciousness and potential for divine awakening. Its colour is purple or white and it embodies the spirit.

3 Benefits to chakra meditation

The benefits are endless as they can be subjective to the person who is experiencing them. The more you practice chakra meditation the better you will feel, like the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.”

Our chakras can be influenced by our state of mind, if we are pumping out negative thoughts, this in turn can cause blockages in our energy centres and therefore have a negative effect on our state of mind. It is important to keep the mind free of any detrimental thoughts through mindfulness and regular meditation.

Ease anxiety.No longer feel panicked, stop worrying about the future or what has happened in the past. Practicing chakra meditation can dramatically lower your anxiety levels.

Become more intuitive. This type of meditation will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom and you will allow you to tune into your emotions better. Chakra meditation will help you to pinpoint your emotions and figure out why it is you are feeling the way you do.

Develop incredible willpower. Chakra meditation will allow you to build up strength from the core outwards and in turn your own will power.

Chakra meditation technique

When aligned the chakras can provide a state of total emotional and physical well-being, so why not try this meditation technique below.

Lay down somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Close the curtains or draw the blinds to create a dark space. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through you mouth creating a circular breathing pattern.

Continue this for ten minutes or so, relax your mind and imagine any thoughts that you have drifting away on a leaf down a stream.

Focus your attention on your root chakra at the bottom of the spine, imagine that you are breathing in and out of the chakra and visualise a beautiful white light emanating from it.

Move that focus and energy up to your sacral chakra located just below the naval. Imagine that the white light is moving up to this area and flowing freely as it does so. Continue to imagine that you are breathing in and out of this energy centre.

Eliminate any unrelated, wandering thoughts in your mind and move this energy up to your solar plexus and repeat the same for this chakra.

As the energy rises, visualise it moving towards your heart. Project love and peace whilst imagining this white light moving up to the area freely without any interruption. Breathe deeply in and out through your heart. Try to picture the colour green when moving through this chakra point.

Push this wonderful light and energy up further towards your throat, visualise it moving from your root chakra at the base of your spine right the way up to your throat area.

Project the feeling of love and light, try to really feel this emotion whilst visualising the colour indigo. Continue to breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth and finally push this love and light to your highest chakra point also known as the crown chakra. Once you have reached this point, imagine that this beautiful band of energy and white light is moving freely without interruption from the soles of your feet up to your crown and beyond. Hold this feeling for five minutes or so and gradually bring yourself back to an awakening state.

When you come back to full consciousness you should feel refreshed and light with any negative thoughts banished from your mind.


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